Terpene Elixir Q&A with Ann Celeste and Boston

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Boston Burt

Senior Manager of Product Marketing

Hello Q Fam, my name is Boston, I work in the marketing department here at Q Sciences. I am thrilled to share some fantastic information with you today! I am so excited because we are launching one of my favorite product lines in the US and EU. Q Terpene Elixirs! I sat down with our VP of Product Development Ann-Celeste Billings to pick her brain about our new products and go over some of our most frequently asked questions!

Boston: What is a Terpene? 

Ann: Terpenes are unique compounds found in nature. We experience them every day in various ways.

B: Where do terpenes come from? 

A: Terpenes are found in flora of all shapes and sizes. They are responsible for the smell, taste, and even the feeling we experience from each plant.

B: Are Terpenes from hemp or marijuana? 

A: While terpenes are sometimes associated with hemp or marijuana, they are found in all plants around the world. Our Terpene Elixirs are sourced from Lavender, Citrus, Pine, and Black Pepper.

B: How do terpenes benefit me? 

A: Using Q Sciences’ BIOSYNQ™ technology, we are able to identify, extract, and deliver these active terpenes. We combine multiple isolated terpenes with other beneficial ingredients in a custom blend known as a terpene elixir.

B: BIOSYNQ™? Isn’t that hemp? 

A: BIOSYNQ™ is the technology that allows our hemp products to be state-of-the-art. But BIOSYNQ ™ goes beyond hemp! The same processes can be applied to many other products, in this case our Terpene Elixirs!

B: Can I take Terpene Elixirs if I have a medical condition? 

A: Always check a doctor or a chosen medical professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

B: Can kids take it? 

A: This is always a choice that is left to the parent. We always advise checking with a trusted pediatrician before allowing use.

B: How about pregnant or nursing mothers? 

A: We offer the same advice for pregnant and nursing mothers when adjusting supplementation.

B: Are terpenes related to turpentine 

A: Turpentine is used as a paint thinner and is not related to Terpenes in any way.

B: How do I take these products? 

A: These products are designed to be absorbed under your tongue through sublingual absorption. Please follow the suggested use.

B: Can I overdose? 

A: We have not found an upper limit of these products; however, it is important to follow suggested use or a medical professional’s recommended dose.

B: Do I need to refrigerate these products? 

A: While it isn’t 100% necessary, it is always a good idea to refrigerate consumable liquids for freshness.

B: Can Terpene Elixirs be sold in markets that don’t allow hemp? 

A: YES! We are thrilled that our Terpene Elixirs can be sold anywhere in the world. Terpene Elixirs are available in every market besides Japan and Mexico.

B: Do Terpene Elixirs cause a failed drug test? 

A: No, there is no ingredient in these products that will appear on a drug test.

B: Do you clinically test these products? 

A: Yes, like every ingredient and product we practice strict 3rd party tested procedures. To see what processes we go through, check out the Quality Assurance Standards flyer available on your ARQ App. 

B: What is the difference between Essential Oils and Terpene Elixirs? 

A: There are terpenes within Essential Oils, in simple terms, we remove the middleman and isolate the beneficial terpenes themselves in our elixirs. Using BIOSYNQ™ we are able to leave out the unnecessary elements and extract the good stuff.

B: When would I use a Terpene Elixir? 

A: Terpene Elixirs should be used as desired when you want the feeling of “CHILL” or “COMFORT”.*

B: Can all Terpene Elixirs be taken together? 

A: You can take all Terpene Elixirs together, just be sure to follow the suggested use.

B: What is the difference between Q FUSE and Q Terpene Elixirs 

A: While there are some similarities, there are just as many differences. Primarily Q FUSE is designed for everyday supplementation of Full Spectrum Hemp. Full Spectrum Hemp has a variety of benefits like stress relief, healthy immunity, and inflammation response. Q Terpene Elixirs are much more simple, designed for use when you want to feel CHILLED, COMFORTED, or CREATIVE.*

A: What about the difference between Q FUSE Innovate and Q CREATE Terpene Elixir? 

A: Q FUSE Innovate contains natural energy from THCV. similar to the natural caffeine within Q SPORT along with the benefits of hemp. Q CREATE Terpene Elixir has a focus on mental energy, focus, and creativity.*

B: Where should I go if I have additional product questions? 

A: TEAM BLUE can be accessed by pressing 6 when calling Ambassador Success, or by adding “Attention TEAM BLUE” to the subject line of an email to support@qsciences.com. They specialize in product questions of all sorts.

Thank you so much for joining me today, I am hoping these answers shed some light on this groundbreaking new vertical. I can’t wait for you guys to try Q COMFORT and Q CHILL Terpene Elixirs! Be sure to check out our new Q Terpene Elixir Infographic, available very soon on your ARQ App.