Small Victories Lead to Milestones — in Life and in Business

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Katie Myers – Orlando, Florida

Katie Myers’s life is punctuated by small victories, like the tightening grip of a hug from her young son. After all, tomorrow isn’t promised, and the next milestone may never arrive.

That’s how you live your life when you’re told your son won’t live past two.

Katie’s son Kaden was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare genetic disease that inhibits motor function and is the number one genetic cause of infant death. He’s also seven years old now and continues to defy the odds — reaching and passing those unpromised milestones.

“Kaden is the happiest, smartest, kindest, bravest boy with huge dreams,” Katie says. “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. He gives us a perspective to celebrate and never waste opportunities, talent, and potential.”

A breakthrough drug approved by the FDA has given Kaden, his little sister Kenna (also born with SMA), and the whole family hope. But with every improvement Kaden sees, he knows he must work that much harder to strengthen his body. And so, mom and son spend most of the day together, in the pool, building strength, reaching milestones.

Before being introduced to Q Sciences, Katie owned and operated her own clothing boutique. But like most traditional businesses, it took up too much of her time: overhead, inventory, employees. Not to mention the complication of a worldwide pandemic. She was no longer willing to sacrifice her time as mom, coach, and therapist to give the boutique the full attention it needed.

Enter Q Sciences: Now, family time builds her business.

What Katie found is that people are attracted to the life she’s built: Work hard, focus, achieve your dreams — on your terms — without sacrificing the things that matter most. And she sees it as her duty to work for those on her team who want to run.

In her first month with Q Sciences, Katie reached Silver. She attended Silver Summit and ranked to Gold by her third month. In August 2021, she reached Ruby, followed by the startling realization that she had been named President’s Pick for the month of August while at INSYNQ in Dallas, Texas.

Small victories lead to milestones — in life, and in business.

Now, she sits amongst the remaining inventory from her fashion boutique — a collection of summer leisure wear never released because she’s found a better way to inspire people to express themselves and live their best life.