Are you Getting the Most Out of your Post-Workout Nutrition?

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Matt Beaudin

3 Ways Q ULTRA LEAN Goes to Work for YOU

Your workout doesn’t end when you put down the dumbbells. In fact, the most important phase of your workout is only just beginning.

With every rep you’re tearing muscle fibers, with every stride you’re burning calories, and with every drive to the hoop you’re breaking a sweat. Regardless of the kind of workout you prefer, you’re putting extensive stress on your body.

The key to achieving your desired results is how your body rebuilds and recovers from that stress.

In addition to eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, staying hydrated, and getting adequate sleep, your post-workout nutrition is essential to optimizing the work you’ve already put in at the gym.

Q ULTRA LEAN Vanilla Milkshake OR Chocolate Coconut is more than a delectable reward for breaking a sweat. The smooth texture and rich flavor are infused with ultra-pure, fast-absorbing whey protein and supportive nutrients.

3 Ways Q ULTRA LEAN Boosts your Workout Recovery

1. Premium Whey Protein: There’s a reason why whey protein is the king of workout recovery. It is easily digested and absorbed, making it increasingly effective for muscle growth. As the most effective protein supplement, whey protein is the clear choice for anyone trying to build muscle and maintain overall health. Taking it a step further, our whey protein is sourced and refined for ultimate absorption and enhanced bioavailability.

Q ULTRA LEAN includes 20g of premium whey protein per serving to help you achieve that toned and lean look.

2. No Sabotaging Ingredients: Walk down the nutrition isle at any grocery store or supplement shop and you’ll see dozens of protein bars and recovery drinks touting muscle amounts of protein, made palatable with loads of sugar and carbohydrates. Q ULTRA LEAN includes 0g of sugar and just 4g of carbs per serving — enough to help your body replenish without sabotaging your efforts.

Plus, Q ULTRA LEAN comes in two delicious flavors: Chocolate Coconut and Vanilla Milkshake.

3. Enzyme Blend for Better Bioavailability: Ultimately, your post-workout nutrition is only as good as your body’s ability to absorb the macro and micronutrients you need. That’s why we added an enzyme blend specifically adapted to help your body replenish and recover efficiently. We’re talking rebuilding protein from the ground up, converting glycogen into simple sugars, and speeding recovery by reducing aches, pains, and sore muscles.

Q ULTRA LEAN goes the extra mile so you’re not the only one putting in the extra work.