Making Way for the New with Q Sciences

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Paige Champagne – Belle Chasse, Louisiana

Paige Champagne knows new beginnings. She knows how to put her nose to the grindstone and go to work — turn a bad situation into a better one. Sometimes, by sheer force of will.

Both personally and professionally.

Overcoming her own demons of addiction. Recently marrying her best friend of nearly 30 years. Discovering a company that allows her team to win right along with her.

After a falling out with her previous company, Paige decided it was time to take a break. She was burnt out, her husband Emerson was nearing retirement, and it was time to focus on other things in her life — like the cat rescue she runs out of her house.

In fact, her love of cats is how she became interested in Q Sciences. Looking for a quality hemp oil that is safe for pets, she came across Q PETS. But she didn’t stop there. She learned more about the compensation plan and the capacity she would have to help her potential team members win as well.

She signed up as an Ambassador, initially to help her daughter get started in the business. Paige ranked up to SILVER in her first full month and on to GOLD and PLATINUM shortly thereafter. In July 2021, she rank-advanced to RUBY and was named Mr. Jake Spencer’s President’s Pick.

So much for taking a break.

How did she create this new beginning? Simple, by fostering a family atmosphere within her team and putting their success above her own. With a background in education, she attacked her business with a plan. Launching new Ambassadors, helping them set up their AutoShip order, and teaching them to be all-in on their Q Sciences business.

Paige’s latest new beginning with Q Sciences isn’t just her new beginning. She’s giving the gift of new beginnings — new dreams and new opportunity — to the hundreds of people who have already joined her team and the thousands who will.