Blessing Lives, Creating Opportunity with Q Sciences

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Tia Muña Aguon, Phoenix, Arizona

Tia Muña Aguan and her husband Paul made a pact: Leave their home in Guam to pursue higher education in Hawaii, discover and follow their passions, then, return home to share those passions and serve their people. 

While Paul finishes up his final year as Chief Fellow of his gastroenterologist program, Tia’s pure heart and attitude of service are already blessing lives and creating opportunity — with Q Sciences as her vehicle. 

As the news of a worldwide pandemic broke and businesses began to close their doors, Tia and Paul immediately thought of the individuals and families who would be affected. They decided to financially assist people in whatever way they could. Tia began by giving away large portions of her hard-earned paychecks but was frustrated because she only had so much to give. Eight months into continuing this effort, Tia found something she hoped would not just feed families for a few weeks but allow them to earn enough to support their specific needs—Q Sciences. 

Giving is selfless. Teaching is empowering. 

Since joining Q Sciences in November 2020, Tia has risen to the rank of Platinum. She reached Bronze within her first month and hasn’t looked back. Each step of the way, Tia asks for God’s guidance — always putting her faith and family first. As her team continues to grow, so does her ability to give hope to people looking for more, especially those with island ties to Guam and Hawaii, where Tia and Paul grew up and sought higher education.

Recently, Tia and her daughters took a trip home to Guam to do what she does best, give of herself. Upon her arrival, she was reminded of the devastation the Covid-19 pandemic had all over the world, including her beautiful island. Businesses boarded up. Signs of struggle. Good, hard-working people picking up the remnants of an economic storm. 

As soon as she was released from her required government quarantine, Tia got to work locally. She held multiple opportunity meetings and Guam’s first Q Sciences Regional Event where she was brought to tears. Not because of the turnout or the support she received from her family and friends, but because of the trust new people — strangers, really — were willing to put in her and the vehicle that allows her to share her passion. 

For Tia, it will always be about the people. She hopes to be a pioneer for the Pacific while practicing kīnā’ole. Home will always be close to her heart, but she will find a way to serve wherever God has her while most certainly sharing Q.