Success with Q Sciences is a Family Affair

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Josee Waller ­– Senoia, Georgia

With a marriage of 26 years and 10 kids — ages ranging from 24 down to 2 — Josee Waller’s success with Q Sciences is a family affair.

John, Josee’s husband, pitches in with the household chores: cleaning, cooking, shuttling the kids to school, even making sure Josee pauses long enough to eat. Her older children chip in, too. Watching the youngsters so Josee can escape for a Zoom with her team, changing diapers, even helping with the yard work.

The quintessential Q family.

Therefore, replacing the income from her previous company within her first month with Q Sciences, doubling that income in month two, and ultimately reaching the rank of Ruby in May 2021 has been a family accomplishment. And Josee is happy to share the credit.

Like any successful team, it takes work to develop that high level of efficiency.

With seven kids of their own, the decision to adopt three children from Ukraine was a difficult one. But Josee and John felt God would equip them to take on that challenge and provide a better life for the new additions to their family.

Trial and error — tears and stress, all outweighed by the vision Josee and John had for their future family. And that future includes unprecedented business success. With total buy-in from her husband and children, Josee took a leap of faith to a new experience with Q Sciences.

What she found was the right company, at the right time, with the right products.

Since joining Q Sciences in October 2020, Josee — along with her team —has sponsored over 2,000 new Ambassadors and nearly 1,500 Preferred Customers. With so many people counting on her to help them achieve their dreams, Josee has learned to maximize her influence: setting healthy boundaries, putting aside time to invest fully in her family, and juggling work within the nooks and crannies of her day.

Along with the well-oiled machine that is her quintessential Q family, Josee is running for far more than Ruby, taking advantage of the speed of success.