New Q SPORT TIGER PUNCH to Fuel your Summer Vibe

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Esera Mose

Healthy Energy, Great Taste, No Crash — All Summer Long

Your favorite sports drink is now available in a brand-new flavor — packed with a punch: Tiger Punch!

Take the same natural blend of caffeine, chia seed oil, amino acids, and supportive nutrients from our two existing Q SPORT offerings; now, couple them with the sweet taste of strawberry, the smooth taste of coconut, and a lovely hint of watermelon, and you’ve stumbled upon a healthy energy option that will help you earn your stripes — Q SPORT TIGER PUNCH!

Tiger Punch is inspired by the summers of our childhood, when shades, sandals, and suntans were our number one priority. Every corner store carried slushies, every neighborhood had at least one kid with a lemonade stand, and every ice cream truck became a kid’s best friend.

Q SPORT TIGER PUNCH is reminiscent of those yummy red slushies, the virgin strawberry coladas your friend’s mother used to bring to church picnics, or the popsicles that would turn your tongue bright red.

TIGER PUNCH is the fierce new flavor of the summer! This new Q SPORT drink is now available in individual sachets sold in a pouch of 30 online through your Back Office. By the pool, on the trail, or on a road trip, Q SPORT TIGER PUNCH fuels your summer vibe.

Try it on its own or order it in a convenient pack with your favorite Q TWIST flavors, now available individually.