Refining her Entrepreneurial Mindset with Q Sciences

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Jamie Howell – Marysville, Washington

Growing up, formal education wasn’t really Jamie Howell’s thing. She learned on the job: marketing, design, customer service, operations, and more. What possibly seemed like random jobs at the time, taught her the skills that would free her entrepreneurial spirit.

And Q Sciences has given her the platform to share that spirit with the world.

Upon discovering direct sales, Jamie knew it was an industry that matched her personality. She could work for herself, on her schedule, and at her speed. The only problem was finding a company that matched her desire to hit the ground running.

Owning a business means owning a business, after all.

When the Q Sciences opportunity presented itself, Jamie was all in. Even before getting the full download, she was already pitching the idea to her husband and anyone who would listen. That pure excitement fueled her momentum for the first few weeks as an Ambassador.

Unlike her prior direct sales experiences, the systems were firmly in place at Q Sciences that would allow her to refine her entrepreneurial mindset. For example, daily opportunity calls within her team allow for constant connection, while opening the door for prospective Ambassadors to meet the leadership and receive that crucial third-party validation.

Success loves speed, and all systems are set to GO, GO, GO.

Finally, Jamie is a part of the company — and the team — that is ready to run as fast as she is. In the six months since joining Q Sciences, she reached Executive in her first month, receiving all three bonuses. She double ranked to Bronze in her second month and double ranked again to Gold in her third month. Platinum has come and gone, and she reached Ruby in April 2021.

Jamie’s capacity to love and mentor her team, with Q Sciences clearing the way, will allow her to run as fast and long as her (bare) feet will carry her.