5 Ways to Grow your Q Sciences Business with LIVE Events

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Matt Beaudin

Create a Culture of Building from Event to Event within your Team

There’s no replacing the emotion felt at live events.

Despite advancements in technology that allow for hundreds to gather virtually within the comfort of their own space, physical human connection is still the name of the game. With many states and countries getting back to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing gatherings in public places, it may be time to consider building an events culture within your Q Sciences team.

Start small. Dream big.

1: Identifying Leaders: What does it take to host an event, whether at a venue or at your own home? Let’s start with light refreshments, maybe some extra chairs, and an HDMI connection for the laptop. Sometimes hosting an event is more about your EXISTING team than your prospective Ambassadors.

During the planning phase of the event, assign your team members to participate by bringing the refreshments, the chairs, or even something as simple as making sure the laptop connection is sufficient. If attendees leave hungry or don’t have anywhere to sit, you’ll have a better idea of who the leaders are within your team.

2: Building from Event to Event: Building from event to event gives you and your team members a goal, and a timeframe tied to that goal. It starts with one event, regardless of size. At the end of that event, you announce the next event and so on. This structure allows your teams to promote their Q Sciences businesses with an event, including all that comes with it: leadership, products, third-party validation, and more.

3: After the Event: The real event begins when the meeting ends. When the presentation is over and the brownie circle encloses around the kitchen table, that’s when the real conversation takes place. That connection — kids, occupations, goals, and lifelong dreams — is what propels lasting relationships and business success.

4: Events May be your Best Closer: Having trouble with the call to action? You’re great at striking up conversation, talking about your favorite self-care secrets, confident in sharing the business opportunity, but shy away when it comes time to invite your prospects to join Q Sciences as Ambassadors? Invite them to an event and allow the event experience to inspire action!

5: It’s All About the Feels: The eyes tell the entire story. Permission to dream again will light them up with excitement and the connections they make with like-minded Ambassadors will absolutely make all the difference. Virtual meetings serve their purpose, but nothing will ever replace the emotion and closing power of LIVE events.