There for Each Other with Q Sciences!

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Katie Williams – Orlando, Florida

Despite earning her MBA from the University of Central Florida, Katie Williams’ proper business education came from her Q Sciences mentors. The most important lesson: Make yourself available to your team and be there for each other — always.

As a wife and mother of two looking for ways to help support her family, Katie discovered network marketing. At first, enjoying new products and sharing them with her friends and family. That dabbling interest eventually exploded into a six-figure income. Then, when the world shut down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she realized what an incredible industry she had discovered. And that discovery eventually led her to Q Sciences.

Within weeks of joining the company as an Ambassador in January 2021, her mentors, Francesca Fields, Brittany Hitch, and more, were there for her — making themselves available to answer questions, hop on three-way calls, and teach their proven system of success.

This culture of community within her team was only reenforced by her Q Sciences corporate experience. The relationships she’s made and the support she’s received from the executive team has made all the difference. In what other company is the President calling to check in and offer advice?

That unwavering support has taken her to new heights.

In her first month with Q Sciences Katie reached the rank of Elite. She followed that up with a run to Silver in month number two and achieved Platinum shortly after. Now, as a Ruby Ambassador, Katie already has her eye on Emerald. How has she done it, everyone asks? By making herself available and being there for her team, just like her mentors were there for her.

Now, with an ever-growing team of business-minded Ambassadors, Katie is the mentor sharing the importance of being there for your Q family.