Passionately Cultivating the Q Sciences Culture

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Allissa Lakatos – Madison, Ohio

Allissa Lakatos is a 31-year-old mother of two, a champion athlete, and an avid businesswoman. In November of last year, Allissa was introduced to Q Sciences. In December, she signed up as an Ambassador and visited Q Sciences’ corporate headquarters in Utah, and that’s where her journey to becoming Jake Spencer’s choice as President’s Pick really began.

“I came to the corporate offices and I met Jake, Marc, Kelly, Mariel, Ann, and so many others who were more than just sensible businesspeople — they were good, real people,” Allissa said, recounting the moment she knew she’d found the perfect place to take her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Allissa knew from this meeting that Q Sciences was the right fit for her and for the people she would bring to her business. These people include other young mothers, fellow athletes, and her fiancé Shawn Cooper — all real people who make up the incredible team she has built and cultivated since joining.

After just four months, Allissa is a Ruby Ambassador, one of the few and fastest to reach this milestone. She attributes much of her success to her family – “Shawn works just as hard at our business as I do” – and her Q Family — “I have 4 incredible upline leaders and learning to accept their help and guidance has been monumental. This is a relationship-based business, which is what I love about network marketing and what I love about Q culture. I love people for people, and we have a culture here at Q Sciences that welcome everyone for who we are.”

Her team’s success is crucial to Allissa’s sense of personal success, and it’s obvious in the way she passionately cultivates her people.

Congratulations to Allissa and thank you for all you do for our Q Family!