Leading by Example… All the Way to Emerald!

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Jena Tomer – Huntingtown, Maryland

Jena Tomer is tough. After 13 years as an ER and ICU nurse, she’s seen it all: gang violence, gun-shot wounds, stabbings, psych emergencies, and more. She runs her Q Sciences business like she cared for her patients before retiring — no nonsense. If you want to live (succeed), I’m your person.

Controlling these life-or-death scenarios gave her that steely edge necessary for business success. Always focused on what matters most.

Having only discovered network marketing a few years ago, Jena learned the discipline, followed the systems, and experienced substantial success. To get to the top, though, she realized the only difference between her and the uppermost leaders in her prior company was timing.

So, when presented with an opportunity to capitalize on the precious timing of a company in early momentum, Jena acted fast. Of course, when you’re contacted by Blue Diamond Ambassador Brittany Hitch, the only way to act is fast. The result: Jena surpassed her previous success within two months of joining the Q family.

To be clear, she’s not stumbling upon unprecedented success, relying on company momentum to pad her stats. Her path to Emerald and becoming Jake Spencer’s President’s Pick for March is as deliberate and no-nonsense as her nursing career.

Forgive the cliché, but Jena truly runs her Q Sciences business as a business.

She quickly identified partners who are as business minded as she is to lead each of her three legs, not unlike executives running a startup. With a system in place, Jena and her team never stray from their plan, have a timeline in place for new team members to recoup their investment, and set an expectation for potential Ambassadors.

Most of all, Jena leads her team by example. She’s willing to put in the work, stick to her standards, and do the hard things necessary for business success. If your life — or success — is on the line, there’s no one you’d rather have in your corner than Jena Tomer.