The New MyQFIT App and Transform Challenge

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Griffin Poole

If you haven’t heard, the MyQFIT App has been making a huge splash in Q Sciences. The MyQFIT App was created with these three things in mind:

Fitness, Nutrition, and Community.

We knew that this app had to be more than a plug and play – it couldn’t simply be a library of workouts. We set out and created something more with professional workout programs, nutrition plans that work, support from real trainers, and a whole community of people just like you in the app to keep you motivated.

Check out our promo video:

MyQFIT Transform Challenge

USA: March 15 – April 14 | International: March 22 – April 21

Grab a partner and get ready to transform your life in the biggest MyQFIT Challenge of the year. Featuring the all-new Q ULTRA LEAN Whey Protein and exclusive beta test product Q ULTRA GREENS, you do not want to miss this one.

How to enter:

  1. Purchase one of the brand new MyQFIT Packs in your back office or during signup.
  2. Find a partner to team up with. One pack purchase = one entry. Each partnership will need to purchase two packs, one per person.
  3. You’re in! You will receive an email a week before the start date of the challenge (March 8 for USA, March 15 for international) to get your free month of the MyQFIT App.
  4. During the MyQFIT App setup process you will enter your partners name in the consultation form.

How to win:

  1. Complete the weekly progress photos in the MyQFIT App. You will receive instructions in-app on how to do this.
  2. This isn’t a weight loss challenge! It’s about the biggest transformation. This can mean weight loss for some or building lean muscle for others.
  3. The partnerships that have the biggest physical transformations will win the challenge!

USA Prizes:

The top 5 partnerships will win a fully covered 3-day trip to the MyQFIT Red Rock Wellness Retreat! This will be an amazing experience featuring a luxury mansion (pool, hot tub, arcade room, theater), private chef, exclusive training with the MyQFIT Trainers and more.

International Prizes:

The top 3 international partnerships will win CASH. (This is due to travel restrictions)

  • 1st Place: $3000 or $1500 each partner.
  • 2nd Place: $2000 or $1000 each partner.
  • 3rd Place: $1000 or $500 each partner.

Check out the MyQFIT Red Rock Retreat here:

We can’t wait to see the transformation you are going to make in this challenge and in the MyQFIT App moving forward.

Learn more about the MyQFIT App and get started at