What the HEMP is going on?!

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Esera Mose

New products, new packaging, new technology: that’s what Q Sciences is doing with our hemp.  While CBD has become a staple in the health market, Q Sciences is proud to be the first to bring you full spectrum hemp in a new and exciting way. Now introducing BIOSYNQ™: our exclusive, patented technology for unlocking hemp’s full potential for you and your body. Ann, Q Sciences’ Marketing Director, gave us a brief explanation: by encircling the hemp oil molecules in micro bubbles, we’ve maximized our hemp’s absorption potential for immediate onset. That means you’ll feel quicker, more effective results with our newest hemp products than with any other leading hemp provider, thanks to BIOSYNQ’s™ cutting-edge technology.

Whether you’re utilizing hemp to sooth sore muscles or to encourage better sleep, you are going to love our new hemp products and feel their impact faster than ever before!  Here’s the scoop on our new hemp items:

Q FUSE – The same great product that started us on our hemp journey is now available in twice the CBD concentration as before! You’ll notice that the liquid color is now opaque instead of clear: our new Q FUSE oils now benefit from liposome technology, and the new color comes from all-natural sunflowers! We’ve improved our flavors, especially the Berry (my favorite!). Plus, for those of you worried about even the tiniest traces of THC, I’ve got great news: Q FUSE now comes in three completely THC-Free options: Original, Cinnamon, and Mocha!

Q RENEW – It’s a lean, mean, comforting cream that’s designed for the whole family to use!  We increased the CBD concentration in our new RENEW formula five times over and gave it a scent makeover so even the most sensitive nose will enjoy it.

Q EXCEL – You’ll feel the extra love we infused into this lotion after your first use.  Q EXCEL is the same “gym bag must-have” you know with five times more CBD concentration.

Q ROLL ON Trio – You asked for it, so here it is: for a limited time, Q RENEW, Q RELAX, and Q DEFEND are available in a convenient box set, and each roll-on boasts twenty-five times the original amount of CBD concentration!

Visit our BIOSYNQ™ page for more details or your Back Office to get your hemp now!