Velocity 2021 Friday

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Esera Mose

Francesca Fields

Advisory Council & Blue Diamond Ambassador

Launching New Ambassadors

In just 2 years, Francesca Fields has become a powerhouse leader here at Q Sciences and grown an amazing network of Q champions from Florida. These are big tips Francesca has for launching new Ambassadors

  1. Pre-Qualify new Ambassadors, or invite them to be Preferred Customers.
  2. Spend 1-on-1 time with new Ambassadors! What’s their why? Help the new Ambassador connect with that.
  3. Put yourself in the new Ambassador’s shoes. Keep it simple, set them up on a plan, teach them the System, and EDIFY their uplines!
  4. Piquing interest starts now, and is vital! Help with pique posts.
  5. Coach them on how to reach out: make the calls, millennial!
  6. Again, KEEP IT SIMPLE: set them up on Autoship, don’t overwhelm.

For more great tips and advice, consult your leaders and visit your Back Office for helpful documentation.

Mel Goodwin

Advisory Council & Platinum Ambassador


Ten years ago, Mel was pregnant with her third child when she suffered a breakdown that cost her a former career.  Being invited by Brandon Stevens to a new business scared her in the beginning, but her fears were quelled when she found transparency in Q Sciences’ compensation plan, positive results with Q products, and financial success on her journey with Q these last 2 years.  “You can’t be first and perfect,” Mel said with a laugh.  As the first major Ambassador in Australia, Mel has proven that anyone – anywhere – can put what you learn at Q into action and build a happy, successful life for you and family.

Brandon Stevens

Advisory Council & Diamond Ambassador

Recruiting Starts with YOU!

Brandon started as a single father of 2 working 80-90 hour weeks as a traditional business owner.  Now, he’s a happily married father of 4 and a Diamond Ambassador with a Q family he has grown and nurtured with his wife Judy over the last three years.  Here are highlights from his address on good recruiting skills:

  1. BECOME someone people WANT to work with.
  2. Remember: every successful organization is ALWAYS recruiting.
  3. Start with a contact list of 100+ names, and don’t prejudge.
  4. EnthusIASMI Am Sold Myself
  5. Don’t beg; exude confidence and keep it simple.
  6. Get your Red Apples started, your Green Apples enough information, and your Rotten Apples out.
  7. Instead of presenting, INVITE! Let the pros do the teaching, just share.
  8. Teach new Ambassadors how to manage emotions.
  9. Be purposeful with your language.
  10. Remember: recruiting isn’t about you. Make it about them.

Kristen Wyatt

Advisory Council & Ruby Ambassador

The Comp Plan is SIMPLE

While she is no stranger to this business, Kristen has only been with Q Sciences since the fall of 2018.  While humor is one of her biggest strengths, it comes second to her ability to simplify and teach anyone from child to grown adult.  Here’s what she wants you to remember about Q Sciences’ comp plan:

  • There are 4 simple ways to make money
    Customer Sales Commission; 2. Monthly Team Commission
    3. Promotional Rank Bonus; 4. Financial Freedom Movement
  • Acronyms to remember
    PV: Personal Volume; CV: Customer Volume; OV: Overall/Organizational Volume
  • Customer Sales Commission
    First 100 is your PV; Commission % determined at end of month
  • Residual Payout:
    Qualifications – 100 PV until Silver, then 200 PV; plus 2 Personal Active
    Go 2-3 Legs wide, 40-60% Max from each Leg, but every order counts in the end
    Monthly Team Commissions: set amount, no more/no less
  • Promotional Rank Bonus
    First full calendar month for first 3 ranks, bonus paid following Friday
    Elite and higher: has hold months and payout months
  • Financial Freedom Movement (US only so far): Register upon qualification immediately. Coaching is NOT based on Rank (
  • Important Reminders:
    MLM Mindset vs Business; 2. Realistic Time Frames
    3. Vision is Critical; 4. Take Blinders OFF
    Go out and TAKE WHAT’S YOURS!

For more details on our Comp Plan, visit your Back Office and consult your leaders.