“Boldly and Confidently” Sharing the Q Opportunity

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Brittany Hitch – Nashville, Tennessee
Brittany Hitch is fueled by her fears. Doubting her past success, hesitant to trust her ability, fearful of failure. In her run to Ruby as an Ambassador with Q Sciences, though, she’s burning through those fears with the speed and power of a high-performance engine.
Ambassador to Ruby in 3.5 months flat.

Even with her overwhelming success, she occasionally feels like an imposter. It’s the steady stream of messages popping off the screen of her iPhone from her team members — many of whom are winning big for the first time in their MLM careers — that keeps her centered amid the chaos of momentum. But no matter how consumed she becomes supporting her team, Brittany is careful not to go into full “management mode.” The fragility of momentum keeps her hungry for more.

Even as a six-figure earner in her past MLM experience, she was occasionally hesitant to invite people to join her team, knowing the impact she could have on their lives was limited. Since becoming a Q Sciences Ambassador in October 2020, she is “boldly and confidently” sharing the Q opportunity with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The simplicity of the compensation plan, incredibly effective self-care products, financial training and responsibility, real mentorship, and more make Q Sciences an opportunity she can share without a second thought. The result: over 200,000 in organizational volume in just three months, she was the top Ambassador recruiter in the company during the month of December, she has rank advanced nine times, including reaching Ruby in the month of January.

And she’s just getting started.

As a wife and mother to two young girls, she is firmly in the driver’s seat, foot full gas on the accelerator. Because to Brittany, the speed of the leader = the speed of the team — and she’s in a race to the top.