Confidently Helping People Win with Q Sciences!

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Betsy Collard – Madisonville, Louisiana

Betsy Collard was caught off guard. Lying on the floor after her afternoon workout, phone propped, sweat pooling, Betsy watched as Q Sciences President Jake Spencer began to introduce his President’s Pick for the month of November live on the CEO Call.

“Stay at home mom,” Jake said; sure, but there are a lot of mom’s who have been able to stay home with their kids because of Q Sciences.

“Three young kids.” Okay, a lot of families have three kids.

“Industry experience, top producer for new enrollments, two rank advancements in September: Gold and Platinum, lives in Louisiana…”

That’s when her eyes welled up with tears. Not for herself, not out of pride — but out of humility and appreciation for her team. Because to Betsy, no amount of money is enough if her team isn’t winning right along with her.

As a little girl in the Greater New Orleans Region, Betsy Collard’s entrepreneurial nature was on display. With old magazines and nick-nacks in tow, she made her way around the neighborhood searching for customers. Looking back, she thanks those sweet people who fostered her confidence, in essence raising a future business owner.

After all, it takes a village.

Now, as a wife and mother to three young kids, Betsy’s entrepreneurial spirit is in full gear. Upon joining Q Sciences in May of 2020, she reached the rank of Executive in 15 days as an Ambassador and Bronze within her first month. But she wasn’t done, not by a longshot. She quickly realized the confidence she had at Q Sciences to help her new team members win. That’s when the floodgates opened.

Since then, 722 team Ambassador enrollments, over 500 Preferred Customer enrollments, 24 personal recruits, and eight rank advancements have culminated in a September that saw her jump from Silver to Platinum. Needless to say, her experience at Q Sciences has been better than she could have ever imagined.

After over eight years in the industry, a gentle nudge from God and a phone call to Francesca Fields led her to Q Sciences — and the peace of home she was looking for.