Kids and Families Come First at Q Sciences

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Griffin Poole

It’s not uncommon to see little tikes running around the Q Corporate office or playing in the new Q KIDS CLUB. Most companies would hate the idea of children in the office. Here at Q, though, we embrace it.

We embrace it so much that we went ahead and created the most innovative children’s micronutrient product on the market. But Q KIDS CORE is more that an innovative product, it’s a movement. So, we turned one of our conference rooms into a full-fledged KIDS CLUB that would put Richie Rich’s playroom to shame.

Seriously! One of our conference rooms is now the Q KIDS CLUB – fit with a massive coloring wall that incorporates our KIDS CLUB characters, arcade games, Legos, and coloring tables. The Q KIDS CLUB has been designed as a place where families and kids can hang out, play games, and be creative together.

The only challenge has been chasing corporate employees from the Frogger machine.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Q KIDS CLUB:

The Mission

The Q KIDS CLUB is also more than just a place for kids to have fun and be creative at Q Sciences. It’s a program with an important mission to provide:

✔️Wholesome products that nourish kids

✔️Fun stuff for kids that reward healthy habits

✔️Resources that support family wellness

✔️Rewarding Healthy Habits

We wanted to reward kids for having healthy habits and that’s why we created the KIDS CLUB Checklist – children can fill out the four-week checklist as they take their Q KIDS CORE daily. Then, with the help of a parent, submit the completed checklist for prizes!

You can find full details and the checklist on our Q KIDS CLUB webpage.

The Next Q KIDS CLUB Wall of Famer

Q Sciences is looking for the next Q KIDS CLUB superstar artists to create our upcoming Q KIDS CORE cover art! With each reprinting, we will select 10 submitted designs to be featured on one of two flavors: Grape or Fruit Punch. And, of course, kids whose designs are chosen will be featured on our Wall of Fame in the Q KIDS CLUB.

Download the cover art coloring pages for submission on the Q KIDS CLUB webpage.

Check out the wall of fame designs that are currently on Q KIDS CORE:

Full details are on the Q KIDS CLUB webpage.


As the inspiration for the Q KIDS CLUB, we created the all new Q KIDS CORE. This is an incredible new product designed to fill nutritional gaps in the diets of children and adolescents so they can be at their best. *

For more info on Q KIDS CORE and kids nutrition, make sure to check out Matt’s latest blog post here.

We’re thrilled to continue to grow the Q KIDS CLUB with new and exciting programs and resources. We’re also super exited to grow our kids’ product line — so make sure to stay tuned!