Rising to Royalty with Q Sciences!

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Matt Beaudin

President’s Pick: Lucy Hawkins – Maidenhead, England

When you live a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle, the home of the Queen of England, it’s only right you refer to your new Q Sciences business as a HEMP-ire. It’s even more imperative that you proclaim yourself the Queen of that HEMPIRE. And like the Queen of England, Lucy Hawkins rules her Q Sciences’ kingdom with pure class.

Unlike the Queen, though, Lucy wasn’t born into network marketing royalty. No, she took her bumps and bruises along the way to get where she is today: A newly ranked Silver, in just over a month with Q Sciences.

With dreams of commuting into London and taking the corporate world by storm, Lucy began her corporate career after finishing up at the University of Gloucestershire. Working in the corporate world — she found — wasn’t all glitz and glamour like she imagined. Spending seven days a week on the grind, only to get paid less than her male counterparts and passed over for deserved promotions time and time again was no way to live.

So, she did something unexpected: quitting her job in a moment of bravery and dedicating her time and effort to an industry that rewards solely on production — not seniority, gender, color, or background. As a mom to two young daughters, Lucy is creating a legacy for her family. Not with Gucci belts and fancy cars, but by setting an example of unabashed success.

Since joining the company in August 2020, Lucy and her team have enrolled nearly 400 new Ambassadors, 138 Preferred Customers, and she’s ranked up six times in one month, reaching Bronze within her first week and a half. Thus, catching the eye of Q Sciences President Jake Spencer, earning her October’s President’s Pick. But it’s the unnoticed accomplishments that have solidified Lucy as a Q Sciences-lifer. The most meaningful victory coming when she was able to help her friend and team member reach Bronze and earn enough additional income with Q Sciences to take a holiday for the first time with her family.

In Lucy’s Q Sciences HEMPIRE, winning matters; from the most seasoned direct selling pro to the newest Ambassador, Lucy Hawkins is wholly concerned with the wellbeing of her loyal subjects.