EVOLVE 2020 Saturday Speaker Recaps Utah

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Matt Beaudin

Hana Perlee – VP of Sales

Your Business & Nutraceuticals

Ruby Ambassador Hana Perlee shared a universal industry secret: It’s not always about the products but learning to build your business around the products. Forget the noise surrounding the industry, what we have here at Q Sciences is truly quintessential. From the beginning, Hana points out, Marc Wilson, Founder and CEO of Q Sciences, set out to make a difference in people’s lives. That quest led him to direct sales, where he knew he could make an impact for families throughout the world with better overall health and financial opportunity.

In doing so, he met with Dr. Stephen Kimberley and established the beginnings of a nutraceutical product line that was both all-encompassing and truly effective. From energy and vitality to healthy weight management and beyond; WE’RE NOT JUST A ONE TRICK PONY, she emphasized.

How do you build a business surrounding Q Sciences’ incredibly unmatched nutraceutical product line? It’s simple — Hana instructs — by taking advantage of a growing market showing no signs of slowing down. The growth is inevitable, just make sure you’re a part of it by sharing what makes us different… PRODUCTS THAT ACTUALLY IMPROVE HEALTH.

And the best part of all of this, Hana shares, is that you don’t have to the be the expert about every ingredient and how it benefits the body. You simply share your experience and point to the expert, whether that be a video, product sheet, upline leader, or Dr. K himself!

Sarah Spencer – Financial Coach

Financial Freedom Movement

Shani Bautista, Q Sciences newest financial coach, warmed up the mic with the essential details of Q Sciences’ Financial Freedom Movement: What it is and what it’s not.

It’s not a quick fix, a one-and-done, or a miracle. She pointed out that making more money doesn’t establish habits, it exploits them. Without financially responsible habits, earning more money simply compounds the issue.

Shani went over the bonuses associated with each qualifying rank:

Elite – $100

Bronze – $200

Silver – $300

Gold and Above – $400

2000+ CV – $50

Sarah Spencer, Q Sciences’ financial coach and founder of FFM, talked about the founding principles of financial responsibility, thought throughout the program:

  • Getting your Finances in Order
  • Starting a Savings Plan: 10-20%
  • Increase Income through Plan B (Q Sciences)

Do you have a plan, have you met with one of our financial coaches, are you on your way to achieving your goals?

Are your Finances in Order?

  • Are your debts paid down?
  • Have you eliminated unnecessary expenses?
  • Have you learned to live within your means?
  • Are LLCs in place, taxes, current, life and health insurance in force, and is every penny accounted for.

*Whatever plan you think you have in place; you can always improve.

Do you Have a Savings plan?

  • Emergency fund, goal fund, retirement fund?
  • Are you consistent?
  • Is savings a #1 priority?
  • Could your investment survive an economic crash?

*Whatever your savings, save more.

Do you Have a Plan B?

  • Are you working your Plan B?
  • Is your Plan B creating cash flow?

Are you using your Plan B to help satisfy the other two principles? (Are you just spending it?)

*Whatever you are currently doing, you can do better!

With over a million dollars paid out — infused into debt recovery and savings accounts throughout our field of Ambassadors — FFM is as much a product to promote as our full spectrum hemp line or unmatched nutraceuticals.

Sarah dropped the mic in closing, figuratively not literally. Big houses, cars, extravagant lifestyles may seem attractive at first, but they’re not the reason people stick with a company. We’re not going to run car program that puts people in debt and financial difficulty. Taking advantage of FFM is just as attractive. Just ask the hundreds of people who have reduced debt, started a savings, plan, and reached their goals.

FFM Testimonials

Kristen Soseman (Bronze) –­ “it’s so comforting to work with a company that cares about your physical health and financial health. We now have a plan in place that fits our lifestyle.”

April pedolin (Elite) ­– “We reached out to FFM and day later got a text back from Shani. Went over so much. In just a few calls we had a plan and goals we want to achieve.”

Nikki & Eddie Bower: “We come from the corporate and banking industry, so you would think we had our finances in order. The level of customer service with FFM, the quickness with which they worked with us, was an absolute pleasure. We finally have a plan in place.”

Please share your FFM testimonials with us so we can share on social media: Send your picture and story to: alta@qsciences,.com

Mariel Filippone – Black Diamond Ambassador/VP of Sales

Finding & Running

Black Diamond Ambassador Mariel Filippone commanded the stage, sharing her tips for finding your business partner(s) and making that 90-day run to success. It starts with personal and group accountability.

  • Look for those who create their list
  • Look for those who launch within 24-48 hours
  • Who follows up to lock arms with their teams?

Within your team, set up a group accountability thread on Facebook Messenger, What’s App, or text messaging. No negativity, no complaining, must comment with ACTION once a day or five times a week to make it work.  

It’s also crucial to have a destination celebration to work toward, a corporate event, team event or regional; end of a month, quarter, or year. You can do anything for 90 days and accomplish so much. It starts Monday, September 14, which should be your biggest working day to date. Double and triple your activity using everything corporate has given us during this event.

Jake Spencer – President of Q Sciences

Promoting Events, Closing

When the President of Q Sciences speaks — you listen. Not because Jake Spencer’s personality is larger than life; because his experience and expertise is unmatched in the industry. Promoting events is Mr. Spencer’s favorite topic to present on — and it showed. His passion was felt in Salt Lake City, in Dallas, and in every office and living room throughout our Q family.

Jake touched on the importance of events. The void of human interaction, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, has made it difficult to gather and connect. That’s no excuse to pass on forging human connections. That’s why events are so critical, including the reasons he shared below:

You Come to Events to Learn About the Company: But here’s a secret, our company is about the people who make it great. It’s hard to truly experience a company without attending events and meeting its leadership team, corporate staff, and Ambassadors.

You Come to Events to Learn About our Products: How can you replace the education you receive at events, from the Director of Marketing, who takes the time to answer your questions? You don’t get that interaction without coming to events.

You Come to Events to Meet our Executive Team and Corporate Staff: Putting a face with a name is what forges those human connections. You can’t get that over the phone — only at events.

You Come to Events to Learn About the Compensation Plan: Where else can you interact with top earners, soak up their energy and get their advice. Events, that’s where.

You Come to Events to Gain Knowledge and Confidence: Feeding off the energy and emotion of events is the greatest teacher. Let’s see if the details of the comp plan, product news, or business basics stick in your mind without the emotion generated at events.

You Come to Events for Recognition: Are your co-workers going to stand and cheer when you walk in on Monday morning? Coming to events is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments your friends and team members.

You Come to Events to Grow: Whether it’s public speaking or helping to put on the event, attending events is a great time to stretch yourself and accomplish new things. Here, Jake told an incredibly personal story about overcoming his childhood stutter to become an expert presenter. It didn’t happen overnight — and it didn’t happen without sacrifice.

Jake concluded his remarks by celebrating the growth and progression of Kelly Allred. She has been instrumental in growing and empowering new leaders in corporate by seeing their potential and fostering their advancement in the company. She has stretched herself and learned to take on any challenge in order to benefit the company.

Finally, Jake announced the company’s intention of hoisting smaller, virtual events around the world simultaneously in the coming months, and throughout 2021.