EVOLVE 2020 Saturday Speaker Recaps Dallas

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Griffin Poole

Kristen Wyatt – Platinum Ambassador

Kristen started off giving a MASSIVE shout out to Dallas, noting that we didn’t have to start till 10. It was a nice perk being able to sleep in.

She took the opportunity to highlight the unbelievable promos at EVOLVE 2020. 500 PV for $500, with products, and locks you in for 50% customer volume commission for three months. Are you kidding me? UNPRECEDENTED.

Kristen changed the pace, showing us an unbelievable testimonial about someone struggling at school and with mental health. When he started on the all new Q MAX PREMIUM, he began to feel happier. He began to thrive in school. It’s truly incredible how the products at Q Sciences can help people.

Let’s now get into Kristen’s main topic, customer acquisition, which was broken down simply and beautifully.


Do you really believe in what we have here at Q? Who is going to be the person brave enough to share their incredible story? Who will have the belief to share these amazing products?

It needs to be you.


This is simply piquing someone’s interest!



Ask the right questions

LISTEN more than talk

Let the tools speak for you

“If you can make people feel safe talking to you, they will open up and you can find their needs.”


Someone else is doing the talking

Edify the speaker

Show them the SIMPLICITY


“Who we really need to talk to is…”

Here’s why, I’ll connect us.


Watering seeds

Every 5th post rule – Every 5th or 6th post should be about Q. This leads to:

Creating curiosity


Piquing tool = Have products on hand

Additional exposure tool

Ask for a review


Assume they are ready

Get organized and be consistent

Scarcity vs. Abundance: This is about them, not you.


You are the waiter/waitress

Remember THE GOAL

People aren’t “numbers,” but this is a numbers game!

Kristen brought it all together with some important things to remember:

Take action

Be a product of the product

People don’t need Q… they need YOU


Katie Trent – Platinum Ambassador

Katie had a super important topic that may sometimes fly under the radar.

Customer Service!

“Customer service is not just a department. It is a philosophy to be embraced by everyone in an organization. Everyone plays their part in contributing to the customer’s experience.” – Shep Hyken

Managing Autoship

What happens when my monthly autoship gets declined?

  • Attempts to process a total of 4 times
  • On assigned autoship date
  • Three consecutive days after
  • Email sent for each time decline
  • Ambassador success team will then reach out by phone to contact you

Remember the Q Sciences 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

From the date of delivery, the buyer will have 30 days to contact our customer service department and request a return of product.

Customer Upgrades!

Can be handled via phone, chat or email.

Retail customers can upgrade to PCs and pay the $10 annual PC fee.

Retail and PCs can upgrade to Ambassador and pay the $39.95 fee.

Remember that the customer service at Q Sciences is called Ambassador Success. They are here to help you SUCCEED!

Ambassador Success is REAL and IN HOUSE. They want to help in any way they can.

Katie ended by saying: If you had a great customer service experience, let us know! Ambassador Success would love to hear from you.


Marc Wilson – Founder and CEO

Marc first and foremost thanked everyone that came to Dallas and Salt Lake City. He was truly grateful for all of the staff and everyone around the world watching EVOLVE 2020.

He wanted to also congratulate everyone who was recognized at the event for advancing ranks and hitting some incredible goals. He knows how important this is to the Q Ambassadors and their families.

Marcs message was simple but impactful – spread a little kindness.

This message was brought home with a story from his career in the NFL. As a quarterback in the NFL, Marc would sometimes have to get shots from the team doctor, maintenance. This came with being a professional athlete. He didn’t particularly enjoy these shots. He would put a towel over his head so he couldn’t see the needle, get the shot, thank the doctor and be on his way. The players on the team knew that Marc really did not enjoy these shots.

One day while getting one of these shots, someone came into the doctor’s room and sat next to Marc. This was odd. After that, someone grabbed Marcs hand, which was also odd. As the doctor injected in Marcs shoulder, that person squeezed his hand to comfort Marc. It was a pure act of kindness. This became a routine. Marc and this person never talked about it. They didn’t need to talk about it. This small act of kindness made a massive impact on Marcs life.

This man was Henry Lawrence of the Oakland Raiders. It’s worth being reminded that this man was an offensive tackle in the NFL.

What Marc got out of this experience is that somebody cared. Someone was paying attention. Someone knew how Marc felt. Someone was willing to do something in some way to help – to make a difference. The only reason why Henry did this was out of love.

This is the message we need to take from this story.

It’s about love. It’s about love in your families and business.

Let your light shine.

Marc had a quote to share:

“When we finally realize that God’s Work with us is NOT all about us – that is when the magic truly begins.”

He then ended with his own powerful messages:

“We can make a difference, and collectively we can make a huge difference. Right now, we’re in 18 countries. In 5 to 7 years, we will be in 45-50 countries.” – Marc Wilson

“Collectively we can be a powerful force for good. Collectively we can change the world.” – Marc Wilson