Your Family’s Immune System Fortress Has Arrived

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Griffin Poole

Sometimes the idea of eating mushrooms can be a little strange. I can assure you it’s going to be a lot less strange in a sweet, delicious chai drink. Q Sciences has harnessed the power of six incredible mushrooms in an easy-to-use powder that you can add smoothies, your morning coffee, protein shakes, or even just water – it’s that good.

In a world where immunity is becoming the most important aspect of self-care, here at Q Sciences we knew we needed to innovate and create a truly game-changing immune support product. This is why we created Q ARMOR.

Q ARMOR is you and your family’s immune system fortress. This exclusive formula includes iconic, rare mushrooms known as adaptogens which have a unique ability to “adapt” according to the specific needs of your body. While the mushrooms used in Q ARMOR are specifically for immune support, they also provide a wide range of other benefits.

Let’s take a deeper dive into each mushroom:

Reishi – Known as an immune modulator. Reishi helps balance an underactive or overactive immune system. It also helps the body adapt to mental and physical stressors.*


Chaga – An antioxidant powerhouse. It contains a complex array of compounds that defend against free radicals, help quell inflammation, and support immune systems.*


Turkey Tail – A superstar polyspore mushroom. This heavily researched mushroom contains powerful polysaccharides that greatly support the immune system and healthy gut bacteria.*


Shiitake – A heart health staple. Particularly good for liver and immune health.*


Cordyceps – The Himalayan wonder mushroom. It’s known for its ability to increase circulation which boosts energy and libido. Cordyceps also increases vitality and endurance – naturally.*


Antrodia – A rare antioxidant gem. This mushroom has incredible liver protective and immunity-enhancing qualities.*

Putting it all together with Astragalus: This is the one non-mushroom ingredient we simply couldn’t ignore. This incredible root supports the respiratory tract, supports the immune system, and helps protect from cell damage. These benefits tie it all together and further increase the effectiveness of Q ARMOR.

These mushrooms have been used medicinally in eastern cultures for thousands of years and as modern research continues on these magnificent mushrooms, the list of health benefits gets longer and longer.

Q ARMOR is the next staple in your daily self-care routine. Get back to the original superfood, mushrooms, and feel the benefits right away. Your body will thank you.