What’s New, Improved, and Upgraded in Q MAX Premium?

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Matt Beaudin

When you need optimal, long-lasting performance out of your body, skip the unleaded and reach for the premium. Now with fully methylated B vitamins, individually chelated minerals, and added ingredients, Q MAX Premium fuels a healthy foundation of micronutrient support for whole-body health at the cellular level.

Now that’s evolution.

Dr. Stephen Kimberley, Q Sciences’ Chief Medical Officer, is always looking for ways to make the good better and the better best. With advancements in scientific technology, exclusive formulations, and naturally sourced ingredients, he’s done just that with Q MAX Premium. Afterall, science doesn’t stand still, and neither should we.

So, what’s new, improved, and upgraded with Q MAX Premium? Glad you asked:

Methylation: In order to make the B vitamins in Q MAX Premium universally absorbable, we have increased the number of B vitamins that are methylated. In addition to vitamin B12 and folate, vitamin B6 is also methylated, easing the body’s natural processes and making it possible for those with the MTHFR gene to properly absorb these rich and essential micronutrients.* 

More Natural Ingredients: Game recognizes game, just like your body recognizes naturally sourced vitamins. That’s why Dr. K found it necessary to upgrade the vitamin A and vitamin C included in Q MAX Premium to their more natural forms: beta carotene and calcium ascorbate. Now, your body greets these vitamins like an old friend, rather than a distant acquaintance.*

Addition of Moomiyo: As an essential addition to our proprietary optimization blend, moomiyo acts as an antioxidant, detoxifying, reducing oxidative stress, activating the immune system, and reducing inflammation.*

Chelation Method: Because each mineral in Q MAX Premium has unique characteristics and benefits, we have elected to chelate every mineral individually. This scientific process makes the minerals slightly acidic and much more soluble for better bioavailability. Every detail matters; highlighting each mineral’s strength is a must.*

Q MAX Premium Consumer Study Testimonials

A select few were invited to participate in our Q MAX Premium consumer study. After nearly three months using Q MAX Premium regularly, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive:

“In week two of taking Q MAX Premium instead of Q MAX, I am definitely feeling more sustained energy throughout the day, without the dips and need for naps/caffeine. Plus, I’m noticeably less anxious and better able to handle the normal stressors of having four kids and homeschooling, while also working from home. I’m so impressed.” -Anonymous

“I have NEVER felt better — and it shows. Numerous people have noticed a difference in my voice and spirit, and two people I hadn’t seen in five months said they noticed an extra ‘sparkle’ in me they’d never seen. LOVE IT!” -Anonymous

“I’m someone who is prone to feeling down, getting brain fog, and having a hard time getting my brain to function. I really enjoy taking the Q MAX Premium knowing I’m providing my brain with not only what it needs but also gaining freedom from a struggling brain. Thankful to have this in my life.” -Anonymous