Hemp with a TWIST

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Griffin Poole

What if getting your daily hemp boost was the most delicious drink of the day? On top of that, what if this delicious hemp drink gave you ADDED benefits? Yes, we went there.

Introducing Q Sciences’ brand-new Q TWIST – three amazing flavors with three unique benefits:

Q TWIST CRAVE Berry Smoothie – Helps curb appetite*

Q TWIST HYDRATE Juicy Grape – Promotes hydration*

Q TWIST CALM Peach Lemonade – Supports stress relief*

Every packet of Q TWIST boasts 10 mg of CBD and 50 mg of broad-spectrum hemp. These packets pack a PUNCH. Combine this with proven ingredients that give you the TWIST of added benefits and you have a truly new, innovative product.

Let’s talk about these added benefit ingredients.


Green Tea Caffeine – Helps curb hunger and may block fat production.*

Garcinia Cambogia Tea – May reduce cravings for sweets.*

Conjugated Linoleic Acid – Known to reduce appetite.*


Boost your daily hemp, satisfy that sweet tooth, and get back control of your cravings and appetite. Makes sense.*



Potassium – Essential electrolytes.*

Coconut Water Powder – Great source of hydration nutrients.*

Magnesium – Supports numerous body functions, including energy and exercise performance.*


Let’s face it, water is boring. You know what isn’t boring? A sweet, delicious hemp drink with amazing hydrating ingredients.*



Lemon Balm – Helps relieve stress and anxiety.*

Passionflower – Promotes calm and relaxation.*


Lemon Balm and Passionflower have been a peaceful, dynamic duo for centuries. Why not make it a calming trio with top-quality broad-spectrum hemp?

For the upcoming release of the new Q TWIST products we decided to do something special. Q Sciences will be releasing all three flavors and benefits in a variety pack! You will have the opportunity to try all three and feel the difference in three unique ways.

Attending EVOLVE 2020 in Utah or Dallas? You get to try all three new Q TWIST products BEFORE they are released. We will be having samples at both EVOLVE locations and we need feedback from our Q Family. If you are at one of these events, please vote below and let us know your favorite flavor and benefit!

We are so excited to share these new Q TWIST products with our Q Family and beyond. These new hemp water enhancers are the perfect twist of fun and sophisticated. Stay tuned for updates so you can get your hands on the all new Q TWIST.