EVOLVE 2020 Friday Speaker Recaps Utah

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Matt Beaudin

The training was coming fast and furious from stage today at EVOLVE 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah! If you missed it, would like a recap, or just can’t get enough of Q Sciences and your Q Family, here’s the gist of what each speaker presented, including can’t miss product releases and business-boosting promos:

Leslie Padilla – Q Sciences Director of Compliance

Avoiding Claims, Building a Compliant Business

Some say compliance is boring, intimidating, even evil. Not when Leslie Padilla, Q Sciences’ Director of Compliance, takes the stage. She’s here to educate, not terminate. It’s all about protection for YOU, the Ambassador or Preferred Customer. Here’s a rundown of what she covered!

Product Claims

  • What are product claims and how do I prevent them? Making medical assertions associated with the products.
  • Are personal testimonials encouraged? Yes, absolutely.

Good: Mood enhancer/brain health/sense of calm, focus, everyday stresses

Bad: Anxiety/depression/ADHD/ADD/Bipolar

Income Claims

  • What are income claims? Touting specific earnings within a specific timeframe.

What not to say: Dollar amounts/quantifiable timeframes/compensation plan edits/lifestyle claims

Cross Recruiting & Cross Placement

  • What is cross recruiting? Attempted solicitation of Q Sciences Ambassadors after leaving the company.
  • What is cross placement? Enrollment of an Ambassador who has an open account with Q.

Policies & Procedures update

  • How do I agree to the policies? DocuSign, for ease and convenience.
  • When am I required to sign them? When you enroll as an Ambassador and each year upon renewal.


Francesca Fields – Diamond Ambassador

Compensation Plan

The nerves were ratcheted up back in February 2018 when we retired the old comp plan and released our current version. In hindsight, there was no reason to have butterflies — nobody is opposed to making more money. Diamond Ambassador Francesca Fields shared the deets on why the generosity of Q is unmatched in the industry.

Getting paid in four different ways:

Customer volume: Retail and Preferred Orders

  • PV (Personal Volume) totaled through month
  • Percentage based on total at end
  • Care & Share qualifications (300 CV or 600 CV subtracted from total)
  • Retail vs Preferred

Rank up/Overall Volume

Personal Volume (PV)

*personal order

*customer order

*free care and share

Personally enrolled Ambassador

*must have 2!

*placements don’t count

Qualified Overall Volume (OV)

  • Any order placed by an Ambassador or a customer on your team
  • Includes any placements given by sponsor
  • OV is NOT: Volume from your own personal order; volume from a personally enrolled customer
  • All volume counts toward overall volume (no matter how big or how small)
  • There is no decrease in value the deeper into your organization (hallelujah)

Promotional Rank Bonuses

  • One-time rank bonuses
  • Builder, Pro, Executive Bonus paid out weekly

            *must be hit in first full month

            *imperative to get people paid FAST

            *recoup investment at builder!

  • Elite+ Bonuses have no time sensitivity
  • 2 & 2

            *Hit Elite in August– will get half ($750) in November

              and half ($750) in December

            *Must maintain during payout period or bonus is lost

             (for example, lose rank in October – no bonus)

  • Bonuses will accumulate!

Financial Freedom Movement Bonuses

  • Most unique part of our compensation plan!
  • Free financial coaching starts right away! Truly a holistic approach to time/financial freedom!
  • Best thing you have to show for your success is a secure financial environment (not a car, okurrrr?)
  • Starts at the rank of Elite (maintain for a month)

            *must fill out application in back office/app and email

  • MONTHLY!!!!!
  • Get guidance on where this should go towards first
  • Debt of choice or retirement plan of choice

Anyone who’s joined another company in the past knows the difficulty and frustration associated with most compensation plans, including Fran herself. Here’s a secret: Your volume at the end of each month = your commission check. Simplicity. Who woulda thought?


Shannon Carlin – Emerald Ambassador/VP of Sales

Q Sprays

You’ll be hard pressed to find an Ambassador who has had more success and more influence within Q Sciences than Shannon Carlin and her hubby Sean. Although she claims not to be a product person, Shannon shared the features and benefits of her favorite Q Sprays, which is, of course, all of them.

A Quintessential Product

  • Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Maximum Absorption and Effectiveness
  • Approximately 30 Servings
  • Dosing Easily Customizable

Q Relief: • May ease discomfort • Reduce Associated Response • Calming

Q C+: • Immune System Support • Antioxidant • Healthy Liver Support

Q D3: • Assists Calcium Absorption • Mood Booster • Helps the Immune System

Q Boost: • Metabolism Booster • Suppresses Appetite • May Boost Mood

Q B12: • Healthy Energy • May Lessen Fatigue • Mental & Physical Endurance

Q Sleep: • Natural Sleep Support • Body/Mind Rejuvenation • Healthy Brain/Nervous System

Q Sprays and Business

  1. Sampling Q Sprays
  2. Immunity boosting in today’s world
  3. A mom’s perspective (or dad)

Tarryn Sarcone – Platinum Ambassador

All About Hemp

 Tarryn Sarcone is a self-professed Mom on a Mission: educating those in her community about the incredible features and benefits of full spectrum hemp.  At EVOLVE 2020, she shared her personal experiences with Q Sciences BioAbsorb™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products, including how it helped her 10-year-old son Luke. She also hit on the projected market, which is primed and ready for business expansion.

Sharing emotion, stories that are relatable, is the content your prospects are interested in. However, the following graphic is very impressive.

Are you taking advantage of being in the right place at the right time with Q Sciences?

  1. Do you know what we have? The most effective hemp oil in the industry:
  • Support for normal, everyday stresses and anxiety
  • Supports a sense of calm for focus
  • Promotes overall wellness
  • May provide pain relief
  • Promotes normal recovery from exercise
  • Relaxing, not intoxicating, non-psychoactive, non-addictive, not a controlled substance
  1. Do you know what resources we offer?

Between QSciences.com and your Q ConnectPro App, you have a complete library of hemp education. From videos and product sheets, to white papers and information graphics, it’s all there to help you spread the word on hemp.

There’s a lot to know but you don’t have to be an expert. Sharing experiences trumps ingredients and physiological processes every single time.

Quality Matters, Q Sciences is Second to None

Where we’ve been:

  • Q FUSE Cinnamon – September 2018
  • Q RENEW Cream – September 2018
  • Q Roll-Ons – November 2018
  • Q FUSE Mocha – October 2018
  • Q FUSE Berry – February 2019
  • Q EXCEL Cream – February 2019
  • Q FUSE Unflavored – January 2020

Where we’re going:

  • New products
  • New delivery systems
  • More countries
  • More stories
  • More lives changed

Tara Truax – Emerald Ambassador/VP of Sales

Recruiting & Team Building

 In case you needed a reminder, we are in the business of people. Not unmatched health and wellness products and financial opportunity — though, we have those, too — but people. Tara Truax shared her tips for generating genuine connections with people, building foundations of trust, communication, support, and authenticity. Few make as many authentic connections as Tara, that’s why she’s the expert.

Tara shared an incredible slide, showing the advantages of prospecting and building personal relationship IN PERSON. Online is not always best, though sometimes essential. And blind prospecting, well, that’s rarely going to generate much of a connection.

Among her many tips, Tara talked about the importance of creating a culture of WE.

Remember, you are looking for a business partner. The process of finding your business partners and those you want on your team is similar to dating to find your spouse. Take it seriously.

Jake Spencer – President of Q Sciences

Here’s a Promotion, There’s a Promotion, Every where’s a Promotion

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: The new products have been announced, now how many of each can I get for me and my teams? Plus, enrollment and business promos that will knock you into next year — literally.  

ENROLLMENT PROMO: Ride the wave of EVOLVE 2020 by earning extra cash with every qualifying enrollment!

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PRODUCT PROMOS: If it’s the new products you’re after, here are the promos for you. Don’t wait, these product promos won’t last forever. Like, seriously, they’ll be gone Saturday at noon.

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Additional Announcements

  • Beginning October 1, we are excited to enhance our back office and app! This includes additions to the Q ConnectPro App, including personal development content and tax benefits. Look for more information on packages and subscriptions in the coming weeks.
  • Care & Share last month to earn will be December 2020.