EVOLVE 2020 Friday Speaker Recaps Dallas

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Griffin Poole

The crowd in Dallas is incredible. It’s amazing to see everyone evolve through the crazy circumstances this world is in. This evolution is what Q is all about.

Marc Wilson – Founder & CEO

There’s only one way to start a Q event, and it’s with our founder and CEO Marc Wilson.

Marc tells the incredible story and journey of Q Sciences. It all started with a drive to Eugene, Oregon to meet with a man named Dr. Stephen Kimberley, M.D.

Marc had one question for Dr. Kimberley: what would you do to change the world? Dr. Kimberley responded by telling Marc how nutritionally deficient the modern world is. He explained how he can truly change lives with supplementation. Marc drove home to Seattle and did his research. Two weeks later, he drove back to Eugene and hired Dr. Kimberley.

This was the start of Q Sciences.

Q Sciences had a humble beginning with the intention of improving people’s lives through supplementation. This has always been achieved in Q Sciences products but to truly take the company to the next level, there needed to be an extra push.

This is where Jake Spencer came in to play, the President of Q Sciences. Jake came in quietly, observing. Eventually he approached Marc with an ambitious list of things to do to take the company to the next level. After a few sleepless nights, Marc came to Jake and simply said “let’s go.”

Q Sciences began to double sales.

With an ever growing and improving product line, Q Sciences never stops innovating. The product development process at Q Sciences goes through the gatekeeper, Dr. Kimberley, and he is not easy to please. This is why Q Sciences products are the best of the best.

Marc expanded on this by talking about how not only do you need the best products, but you need the best products in the best product markets to succeed:

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Digestive Health
  • Full Spectrum Hemp

All of these categories are growing rapidly, and by rapidly, we’re talking tens of billions of dollars rapid.

Only a few direct sales companies have achieved 1 billion per year in sales, and Marc had one simple message:

Why not us?

“Have the grit and stay with us. We will do something absolutely epic.” – Marc Wilson

Brandon Stevens – Diamond Ambassador/VP of Sales

The next speaker in Dallas IS Dallas. The man, the myth, the legend: Diamond Ambassador and VP of Sales Brandon Stevens.

Mindset is everything.

Brandon started with a brilliant story and an impactful message. You are who you surround yourself with. People will hold you back and tell you that you can’t do it. Most people will agree with these people too – you’re right, I can’t do it.

You have to push through the naysayers.

People will point and judge. You can’t care what these people think. You need to have the drive to push through. You have to be able to brush off all of the negative things people throw at you.

Mindset is everything.

Brandon talked about the slight edge – the things that will put you over the top:

Show up to every event

Be consistent

Have a positive attitude

Remain committed

Have burning desire

Be willing to pay the price

Have integrity

He then laid out the benefits of starting a Q Business vs. a traditional business:

Traditional Business – Q Sciences Business

$50-100k start up – $250, $500, $800 start up

Possible no profits for 2 years – Position yourself for profit in 30 days

Large overhead expenses – Minimal overhead expenses

Dependent on you – Business dependent on system

Double overhead to double size – Scale up without additional cost

Brandon brought it all home with the difference:

What does the above average person do more often than the average person?

THEY JUST DO IT! They don’t quit, they give it 110% every single day. They want it more.


“You do it till the job gets done. Each day you get better and better. One day you’ll be on the stage telling your story.” – Brandon Stevens


Brooke Lloyd – Platinum Ambassador

Brooke truly brought a fun and exciting energy to her topic – closing!

Closing is a process! It’s a dance, a courtship, a partnership. Sometimes when we shift our focus from serving to meeting our goals, we forget the people we set out to help in the first place.

Brooke knows we need to break this process, but how?

Think about the best sales experience you’ve ever had. You had a need, then you found value in something or someone, and you made a commitment because you believed they had something that would offer you a solution.

The best commitments made come from a process. The process is the secret sauce to your success!

Brooke goes in depth in the process:

Pique interest! Look for an open door.

Share! Pick up the phone, meet for a coffee.

Invite! Let them take a look at everything Q has to offer both business and products.

3rd party validation from a trusted source.


Brooke wants us to ask ourselves these questions:

  • Am I patient? The best commitments take time!
  • Am I compassionate? Everyone has their own story! Meet them where they are.
  • Am I listening? You can learn so much during this process!
  • Am I confident? Do you believe in you? Why should they?
  • Am I adding value? Is it about you or about them?

Finally, Brooke wants us to all remember this: It’s about the process, not the result. Don’t come to the table with expectations about things you cannot control.

“Are you trying to close or are you trying to serve? There’s a difference. People can feel it.” – Brooke Lloyd


Ann Billings – Senior Director of Marketing & Product Development

Ann brought it home today in Dallas with some of the most exciting news of the event.

She has two words: Happiness and Immunity. These are some of the most important aspects of our lives, and sometimes the most elusive.

Ann’s announcements make these two things less elusive and more tangible.

Science doesn’t stand still.

We as a company are committed to moving ahead. This is a principal Q has lived by since day one. We will not stand still so you may need to move fast to keep up!

This was our mantra when creating the new and improved Q MAX PREMIUM.

REINFORCE whole-body health and the cellular level.*

AMPLIFY cognitive function and brain health.*

OPTIMIZE with nano chelation and optimization blend.*

Everything is improved in the new Q MAX PREMIUM from the previous Q Max.

  • Superior, tailored chelation.
  • Maximum methylation.
  • Finely tuned vitamins & minerals.

This is Dr. K’s vision coming to a reality for the best micronutrient product possible.

Ann also went into a consumer study we recently did on the new Q MAX PREMIUM. The results are stunning:

97% prefer MAX PREMIUM from the old Max

72% sleep better (26% no change)

86% more energy (12% no change)

90% reported feeling happier (8% no change)

Coming October 1st: the all new Q CORE.

Q CORE will come in a single pouch with individual AM and PM packets. Q CORE includes Q ALIGN, Q BIOTICS TOTAL and Q MAX PREMIUM. This is a true game changer. We’ve improved all three products and we now truly offer the best of the best.

Back by popular demand – Q SILVER.

Now bigger and better.

Ann wanted to remind us – this is NOT a traditional colloidal silver. This is a much superior nano silver technology.*

Stock up. Q SILVER will go quick.

Ann brought up and awesome old product today, Q TWIST. She said sometimes when there is an obstacle in your path, you have to innovate. That’s exactly what Q did with a brand new Q TWIST.

Q TWIST is now in a powder stick pack with 10 mg of CBD and 50 mg of broad spectrum hemp per pack. On top of this, it comes in three different flavors with three unique benefits!*

Q TWIST CRAVE Berry Smoothie – Helps curb appetite*

Reach for this instead of a candy bar.

Q TWIST HYDRATE Juicy Grape – Promotes hydration*

Perfect for when you need extra hydration and sweetened with stevia.

Q TWIST CALM Peach Lemonade – Supports stress relief*

Speaks for itself! Includes Lemon Balm and Passionflower.

The new Q TWIST will be coming in a limited-edition variety pack with all three flavors. Stay tuned!

Check out the new Q TWIST blog here.

Ann saved the best for last. She asked a simple question: Is there anything more important in your health right now than immunity? What about the immunity of your family? $2.08 per day. Is your immunity worth that?

Introducing: Q ARMOR

ELEVATE healthy immunity*

PROTECT from cell damage*

ADAPT to mental and physical stressors*

Don’t be afraid of mushrooms! Q ARMOR tastes delicious coming in a sweet chai flavor.

This is Dr. Kimberley’s dream formula of adaptogenic mushrooms.

What is an adaptogen? What this means is that it gives your body an opportunity to adapt. Q ARMOR helps you get a healthy, balanced immune system from a completely natural product.*

Each mushroom in Q ARMOR has its own unique benefit that folds together to support your immune system. Oh, and it’s naturally sweetened and naturally flavored.*

Check out the new blog post on Q ARMOR here.

Ann closed with a couple upcoming launches! Products for the family and products for the holidays. Stay tuned.

“Science doesn’t stand still and that’s exactly what we’re doing with all of our Q products.” – Ann Billings