Q Sciences: Who we are, and who we’re not

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Matt Beaudin

Welcome to the new MLM. You’ve certainly been introduced to, heard horror stories about, and probably even joined a few companies in the past that fell into the traditional mold. Recruit, recruit, recruit with me-too products that fail to make a splash or generate any real financial opportunity.

Not at Q Sciences.

We proudly tout full spectrum hemp self-care products that make a difference, unmatched nutritional supplements that create a solid foundation for better health, and teach sound business and financial principles that will set you up for success with or without earning life-changing, full-time income — though, that opportunity certainly exists.

Our manifesto is a little different from most direct sales companies:

We are real.

We won’t tell you owning a business is easy.

We give you the tools to be successful.

We won’t do it for you. We teach you how.

We don’t want you to sacrifice relationships.

We help you strengthen them.

We don’t make false claims.

We practice better self-care.

We don’t give you magic in a bottle.

We give you great products to share.

We won’t “make it rain.”

We give sound financial advice.

We offer generous compensation.

We are your family.

Together, we are Q.

New Q Sciences Blog

With the release of our new blog on qsciences.com, we are excited to share what makes us different with our Q Family and the world. We will highlight exceptional accomplishments by our Ambassadors, explore the expansive benefits of full spectrum hemp and micronutrient supplementation, discover greater financial responsibility, all in an effort to celebrate living a quintessential lifestyle.

We hope you will join us for this exciting ride. Improving your health and generating additional income for you and your family is a must. You might as well join a family that values relationships and empowers you to build your ultimate legacy.